Pick your own flowers: every Saturday, from June 20th 2020, til the end of October - Blooming Green - Seasonal British Wedding Flowers

Pick your own flowers & Pop-up Shop: Saturdays, from June 20th to end October 2020

Blooming Green are open for the public to come and pick smaller quantities of flowers every Saturday 10 – 4pm from June 20th till the end of October 2020. Come and fill a container with flowers  –  for £15. We will then wrap your flowers for you to take home. Suitable for a gift or table flowers. There is no need to book our £15 PYO containers.

PYO Flowers Opening Times

10-4pm every Saturday from late June until the end of October

How to Pay

We take cash and all major cards.  You can also use our gift vouchers to pay for your flowers. 

Buying Larger Quantities of PYO Flowers

gift voucher

Pick your own flowers container
£15 pick-your-own container of flowers
£15 pick-your-own flowers wrapped to take home
£15 pick-your-own flowers wrapped to take home
Flowers arranged from a £15 Pick Your Own container
What you can do with a £15 pick-your-own container