Pick your own flowers: Friday afternoons, from July to October 2018

Blooming Green are open for the public to come and pick smaller quantities of flowers every Friday 12 – 4pm from late June to October 2018. Come and fill a container with flowers  –  for £15. We will then wrap your flowers for you to take home. Suitable for a gift or table flowers. There is no need to book our £15 PYO containers.

PYO Flowers Opening Times

12-4pm every Friday from late June until the end of October

How to Pay

We take all major cards 

Buying Larger Quantities of PYO Flowers

Buy pick-your-own flower gift vouchers

Pick your own flowers container
£15 pick-your-own container of flowers
£15 pick-your-own flowers wrapped to take home
£15 pick-your-own flowers wrapped to take home
Flowers arranged from a £15 Pick Your Own container
What you can do with a £15 pick-your-own container