Saturday Flower Shop and PYO Flowers – 2019 - Blooming Green - Seasonal British Wedding Flowers

PYO Flowers & Saturday Flower Shop – 2020

FROM JUNE 20 Open every Saturday from 10am-4pm

Saturday Flower Shop

This year, we are opening for a weekly Saturday Flower Shop and Pick Your-Own-flowers. As well as being able to pick your own flowers, we will also have buckets of pre-picked blooms, handy floristry items and a selection of gorgeous items made by our favourite crafty friends:


Pick-your-own flowers are still only £15 per container

Choose from three 'minimal waste' flower wrapping options:

1) For those of you who live nearby and are heading straight home, we will wrap your flowers in brown paper and string – the old-fashioned approach.

2) If you’ve got a little further to travel, we can wrap your stems in compostable, moisture absorbent fabric and brown paper. This option costs 50p… and for each bag sold, 20p will go to Curly’s Legacy – our charity of choice this year. The nifty ‘flower bags’ can be washed and re-used, to save you money next time round.

3) Bring your own bucket – or buy one of our PYO containers to use time and time again…


Pop-up Cafe & Beer

On-site catering will be provided by Neil of Kampa Coffee and his able team... and if you or your picking companions need something a little stronger the Musket Brewery will be serving their Kentish bitters in the Armoury Tap Room next door...


Visiting Blooming Green