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Funeral Flowers

funeral flowersIt’s always an honour to be asked to provide funeral flowers and we are delighted if we can help. Our flowers are particularly well received by families who want something special for a garden-lover, someone who loved nature or who was interested in conservation and the environment. They are also ideal if you are planning a ‘green’ funeral or are constrained by rules set by the church, for the use of biodegradable materials.

All of our flowers are grown on our flower plot here in Kent or, in early Spring, we sometimes use flowers grown by a friend in Cornwall. Either way, you can rest assured that they are fresh, seasonal and super-special.

We can provide: funeral ‘sheafs’ (a flat bouquet, to be laid on top of the coffin), upright bouquets in cardboard vases (aqua-packed win bio-plastic) as well as church arrangements.
To discuss your requirements, please email or call Jen on: 01622 298676