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About us

Jen on Bek: As Monty Don pointed out, I couldn’t do this without my big cousin Bek. Her sound environmental knowledge and practical approach come in almost as handy as her ability to make me laugh. When all else fails, Bek is on hand with an Excel spreadsheet or a to-do list… Thank goodness, as each year our flower plot just gets better and better. She’s brilliant with plants, fencing, and driving machinery but generally is best kept away from “customer facing roles” as she tends to resemble Compo and prefers talking to plants. Her amazing, hand-tended flowers speak for themselves and her eco-friendly credentials are impeccable.

Bek on Jen: At the tender age of 12, Jen was bet £5 by her Dad that she couldn’t win the local flower arranging competition. After walking away with best in show, Jen still thrives on creative challenges. She has a degree in History of Art, worked at the Tate Gallery, has natural artistic flair and an eye for the unusual. Combining this with a love of the natural beauty of flowers, she creates incredible arrangements with the flowers that I grow. As well as getting a commendation in her RHS Horticulture exam, she has arranged flowers for the Riverford Organic Travelling Field Kitchen, for the editor of The Times and for dozens of happy brides…

We love

…There are many ways you can make your choices greener, like opting for seasonal flowers… read more 

Peat-free compost
…Peat is being extracted far faster than it’s being replaced – it’s not a renewable resource in our lifetime. And the wildlife that depends upon it suffers…. read more

Blooming Green use a lot of compost for mulching, which has been made from your garden waste… read more 

Bees and insects
… imagine a different future, in which our towns and countryside are rich in colourful wildflowers and teeming with bees and other insects… read more

Bee lovely read more

Compostable packaging
Our bouquets are wrapped in home compostable packaging…

Making compost is often considered to be complex but all you need to do is provide the right ingredients and let nature do the rest… read more 

Buying local
Would you like exquisite, locally sourced food for your wedding or function? Meet Nicci Gurr … read more

Recycled and reusable vases 
Floristry can be extremely wasteful when using lots of plastics and non-biodegradable foams. We prefer using kilner jars and turning the humble catering tin into a funky vase (thanks Rae!)

Thanks must go to our lovely, knowledgeable friends and neighbours who exchange their help and expertise for flowers, tea and company

What would we do without our wonderful work experience students from Hadlow College…read more 

Thanks to the three farmers James who turn up with machinery, manpower and an endless list of rural contacts. No job is ever too small, though we have tested them!

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Jen & Bek