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'This must be a quiet time of year for you'…

It always makes us smile, when friends and customers suggest that the winter months must be a good time to put our feet up. Even now, with the first signs of spring appearing, our flower plot is still relatively bare… but do not be deceived. Behind the scenes we are crazily busy. As well as ordering plants and propagating seeds, Bek is currently building a new lean-to polytunnel with the help of Gary. It is no mean feat. The ground had to be dug out with a digger, aggregate laid and then whacked down, and now they are struggling with a super-sturdy frame. In the meantime, I am getting to grips with social media, taking bookings for courses and from brides, and tidying up the area where our old polytunnel used to be. We have issues with rabbits eating our rose-plants — planted outside the plot — and before long we need to have the whole place ‘shipshape and bristol fashion’ in time for Bek’s Grow Your Own Cut Flowers course on March 21. As the sun come out, so Blooming Green comes to life… and we need to be ready!



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